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About This Site

This website is a tool for individuals and groups involved in the research and planning of temporary encampments of autonomous emergency shelters.

It's purpose is to assist community organizers with the creation of collaborative, user designed and governed projects that create immediate short-term solutions to the housing crisis in their communities.

This website was created to assist in the organization of a collaborative community project in Victoria, BC that seeks to:

  • create and implement a low cost, immediately applicable solution to homelessness that provides safety, comfort, dignity, and support.
  • Provide support and advocacy for individuals living in tents and other simple structures around the city.
  • Provide administrative and organizational support to individuals and groups involved in similar projects.

TASC Survey Report 2009 Now Available

Read more about the Temporary Autonomous Shelter Collective here.

Wikipedia entry for "Tent City"

The following list of Tent Cities includes link to archived media articles, videos and other links relating to each city's encampments.
More info about the tent cities in Washington and Oregon can be found in the Legal section of this website. (See left navigation bar).

List of Tent Cities, Past,Present and Future

(Note: For information on sanctioned (legal) tent cities, visit the pages for: Nashville, Tampa, Sacramento, Seattle, Olympia, Tacoma, Ventura, Champaign and Ontario (Cal.)

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