Community Consultation

Edmonton Committee to End Homelessness
This committee did an extensive survey with many segments of society, including the homeless themselves, to determine what is needed.

NIMBY: When Affordable Housing Development Meets Community Opposition
Brief Description: Offers step-by-step guidelines for developing a strategy to address community opposition to your proposed housing project. Helps you identify what you need to know, who should be involved, and how to plan and implement your strategy.

Ottawa Street-Involved Youth Study – Highlights 2006
Brief Description: The results of a survey wherein the responses of disenfranchised Ottawa youth provide insight to the nature of the conditions they have faced during their street experiences.

Yes, In My Back Yard: A guide for Ontario's supportive housing providers
Brief Description: A tool kit focussing on the community consultation process, and how to deal with widespread fears and prejudices about mental illness. While designed for organizations wanting to develop supportive housing, it is also useful for housing developers encountering opposition because of the people they house.
The kit describes the rights of people with mental illness under the Ontario Human Rights Code and the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; outlines the planning approvals process; helps supportive housing developers know what to expect; suggests ways to prepare for community consultation; describes strategies for navigating through opposition; offers answers to typical objections to housing for people with mental illness.

Against the Odds: A profile of marginalized and street-involved youth in BC
Brief Description: A study spanning 9 British Columbia communities, with findings based on surveys completed by street youth. Findings are focused on family relationships, school & work, physical and sexual health, as well as violence. The research provides a perspective of regular factors in the life of marginalized BC youth, and can be of assistance in guiding the development of comprehensive program and policy development suited towards current needs.

Asset Mapping: Working with homeless and marginally housed individuals
Brief Description: Describes a community based process to identify or 'map' the individual assets and skills of 300+ users of a drop-in centre for homeless and at-risk individuals. Find out how the research generates knowledge that is a base for new community economic development initiatives. Goals, methodology, results, and lessons learned are discussed.

Capacity Building: A Model For Street Outreach
Brief Description: This paper provides an overview of how the City of Hamilton’s homeless and street outreach team was strengthened and expanded through partnerships founded on sharing staff between diverse agencies. The Mental Health/Outreach Team is a program within with Community Programs Branch of Public Health and Community Services in the City of Hamilton. The partnerships between agencies resulted in increased community capacity to work with homeless and at-risk individuals. Selected bibliography provided.

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Practical Resources for Combatting Homelessness and Assisting the Homeless

With a 'how-to' focus, these resources highlight hot topics and emerging issues among organizations working to prevent and reduce homelessness. Informed by front-line experience, each resource has ideas about effective strategies, pointers to additional sources of information, and can be adapted to a variety of situations.

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