Cost of Shelter Beds


More emergency shelter beds opening in Vancouver
$1.5 million for 200 mats for 90 days=$83/night ($30295/year)

(article also claims this provincial emergency shelter funding)

  • $17 million a year for 441 shelter 'beds' at 10 shelters with another 500 open during cold weather.
  • $15.7 million annually to subsidize more than 5,000 social and supportive housing units, and is in the process of redeveloping 17 rundown single-room hotels and building 14 new supportive housing developments for low-income people.

New Emergency Shelter Opens in Fort St. John
Capital Cost for 20 mats - $1.01 million=$50,000 per mat

from The Mayor's Task Force report (Victoria)
Excluding capital costs $62.89 per mat per day ($22,954 per year)

Hannah's Place emergency shelter opens doors
Capital Costs for 65 mat shelter - $910,000 ($14,000 per mat)

No Place to Call Home - Part One - Times Colonist
An emergency short-term bed can cost $60 to $85 a night, compared with $25 for supportive housing in a hotel or $38 for a self-contained apartment with some support.
Combined, the shelter and service costs of homeless people in the study ranged from $30,000 to $40,000 on average compared with $22,000 to $28,000 for those in supportive housing.


from The Mayor's Task Force report (Victoria)
Permanent Supported Housing (excluding capital costs)- $37.50 - $67.50 per day per bed ($13,368-$24,637 per year)

Transitional/Crisis Housing-$42.5/day ($15,512 per year)

The B.C. Centre for Applied Research in Mental Health and Addictions (CARMHA), report on housing and supports for adults with severe addictions and/or mental illness provided cost estimates associated with various types of supported housing. Capital costs were excluded from estimates, but per diem operating
and supports costs are included. ($47.95-$64.66/day per person ($17,500 - $23,600/year per person ) ($17.5 million to $23.6 million to implement recommended levels.)

Supported housing as per Supported Independent Living model. $62.30/day per person ($22,740 per person/year)

The Vancouver Community Court Working Group has been assessing treatment costs for cohorts of homeless residents involved in the criminal justice system whose profiles match those of the Victoria population under consideration.

For a high addiction, high mental health profile individual: services for 300 including acute psychiatry, withdrawal management, mental health team and housing. $241.10/day per person ($88,000 per year/person)

For a high addiction, low mental health or low mental health but high addiction, profile individual $57.54-$106.85 per person/day ($21,000 to $39,000 (or $30,000 on
average) per person/year)


Village Shelter to Benefit Prince George Youth Annual operating cost for 10 emergency and 10 transitional supported housing units -$1 million = Approx. $50,000/year per bed ($137/night)
Capital funding for the project-$1,090,000=$54,000 per bed

The Fifth Estate - No Way Home

  • Per night in a provincial correctional facility - $155-$250
  • Psychiatric hospital - $380 average
  • Emergency homeless shelter, which included meals and services - $60-$85
  • Detox centers $80-$185
  • Mental health residential facilities - $140-$191

In contrast, supportive housing is cheaper:

  • Enhanced self-contained apartment with support on site - $67-$88
  • Self-contained apartment – mini-suite/bachelor - $14-$20
  • Self-contained apartment - no support - $25-$35

It has been estimated that to virtually eradicate homelessness, it would cost all levels of government in Canada $3.5 billion to achieve this, which would go to pay for affordable housing, income support (like welfare) and some support services.

$7.74 Million for 36 spaces (15 emergency and 24 transitional) = $214,722 per bed capital cost

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