CRD Bylaws

Victoria Zoning bylaw (single family Dwelling)
Permitted uses 1. The following uses are permitted:
(g) The keeping of not more than 4 boarders or roomers or boarders and roomers in any one single family dwelling;

(j) boarding houses, rooming houses, housekeeping apartment buildings, rest homes - class "B", kindergartens, subject to the following regulations:
(i) the use is carried on in a building constructed as a single family dwelling before the year 1931.
(ii) no exterior change has been made to the building within 5 years of the commencement of its use as a boarding house, rooming house, housekeeping apartment building, rest home - class "B", or kindergarten and no exterior change is made after the use has commenced.

Saanich Zoning Bylaw
5.2 Prohibited Uses of Land, Buildings and Structures
(f) The use of a tent, trailer, motor vehicle, recreational vehicle, or accessory or agricultural
building for lodging, sleeping, accommodation, or a residence.

5.24 Secondary Suite - Rural and Single Family Zone
No person shall use nor permit or suffer others to use any area in a building in an A or RS zone for a secondary suite.

5.25 Secondary Suite - Two Family Dwelling Zone
No person shall use nor permit or suffer others to use any area in a building in an RD zone for a
secondary suite if the building already contains two dwelling units.

101.2 Boarding
There shall be not more than two boarders in a dwelling units
(same restriction in every other zone)

Oak Bay Zoning Bylaw
5.1.1(1) A use located in part or in total in a tent, recreational vehicles, camper vehicle or

5.1.1(8) Rooming houses;
5.1.1(9) The use of a dwelling unit by more than three (3) unrelated persons;
5.1.1(10) Occupancy of land, foreshore, the Sea Zone, the surface of the sea or any lot for
recreational vehicles, automobiles, auto-trailers, houseboats, boats, rafts, scows,
mobile dwelling units or any movable structure when such objects are used for
sleeping or dwelling purposes;

Esquimalt Zoning Bylaw
Boarding Use is permitted in the RS-1, RS-2, RS-3 and RS-5 zones provided that:
(1) The residential building is a Single Family Dwelling that does not contain any
secondary suites and is occupied by the registered owner.
(2) No more than two [2] Roomers or Boarders are permitted in any residence.

Sidney Zoning Bylaw
3.1 Accessory Buildings and Structures:
1. Excluding utility kiosks, fences and signs, accessory buildings and structures shall
(a) Not be used for human habitation;

3.18 Temporary and Mobile Structures:
1. Except as otherwise provided for in this Bylaw, no land above or below the natural boundary
shall be used for the location of any trailer, automobile, boat, houseboat, raft, scow, or other
movable structure for sleeping or residential purposes;
2. In Residential and Multi-Family Residential zones, recreational vehicles are permitted on a
lot for sleeping or residential purposes for a period of up to four weeks per year; and
3. In any water zone that permits transient moorage, transient moorage is permitted for the
purpose of temporary residential accommodation, for a maximum duration of 4 weeks

102.2 Conditions of Use: (single family residential)
1. Boarding shall only be permitted in single-family dwellings, which do not contain a
secondary suite dwelling.

102.9 Other Requirements:
3. No more than two boarders shall be permitted per dwelling unit.

North Saanich Zoning Bylaw
Definitions: single family dwelling means a detached residential building consisting of one
dwelling unit with one food preparation area, which is occupied or intended to be
occupied as a residence for one family. It may utilize two bedrooms for either bed
and breakfast accommodation for a maximum of four persons, or accommodation
for a maximum of two boarders, lodgers, or roomers;

203 – Prohibited uses of land, buildings and structures and water
(1) The following uses shall be prohibited in all zones, except as permitted in this or any other by-law:
(a) A tent trailer or manufactured home used for habitation.
(c) More than one dwelling unit in a single family dwelling.
(1) No person shall keep boarders or lodgers in a guest/caretaker’s cottage unless the boarder or lodger is employed by the owner in the sole capacity of caretaker of the property on which the cottage is situated.

No In-Law Suite shall be permitted within any principal or accessory building.

Langford Zoning Bylaw
3.02 Prohibited Uses
(6) The occupancy of any trailer, recreational vehicle, camper, or other vehicle as a
residence. (Bylaw No. 717)

3.07 Two-Family Dwellings
(3) A secondary suite is prohibited in any two-family dwelling.
(4) The keeping of more than two boarders per dwelling unit is prohibited in any two-family
dwelling. (Bylaw No. 386)

6.10.01 Permitted Uses (Rural residential Zone RR1)
(6) the keeping of not more than two boarders in a one-family dwelling;
6.20.01 Permitted Uses (One family residential)
(8) the keeping of not more than four boarders in a one-family dwelling;
(this same restriction is in most other zones in Langford)

Central Saanich Zoning Bylaw
(3) No accessory building may be used or constructed so as to be capable of being
used for human habitation, and without limiting the generality of that restriction
no accessory building may contain sleeping accommodation, be equipped or
constructed so as to be capable of being equipped for household activities related
to the storage, preparation and consumption of food, or be equipped or
constructed so as to be capable of being equipped with a bathtub or shower.

Royal Zoning Bylaw


29. (2) Float homes or live aboard vessels designed to be used for residential occupancy are
prohibited in all areas within the Town of View Royal, or
(3) Use of a recreational vehicle as a dwelling.

32. (1) An accessory building or structure shall not be used as a dwelling except as otherwise
provided in this Bylaw.

Highlands Zoning Bylaw

3.6 Uses Prohibited in all Zones

(2) Without limiting the generality of Section 3.6(1), the use of a vehicle, unlicensed vehicle, recreational vehicle, camper, or building or structure other than a dwelling unit as a dwelling unit is prohibited in all Zones.

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