Apesma Lament Portland, OR
As my job as ED of a activist newspaper sold by homeless people, my vision for organizing, my thinking as a teacher, my history as a working-poor loser turned middle-class “advocate,” and my life as a parent swirled about me, this blog has been a path toward the center. We live in dangerous times, and the seductions to an easy, half-lived life of anesthetized materialism are all around. I have come to understand that my work is to be a revolutionary, both out in the world and within myself, turning over what is old, rotten, stale, and repressive, and building for a future where we can all find happiness and have the things we truly need.

Homeless Man Speaks Toronto, ON

LA's Homeless Blog Los Angeles, CA
Joel John Roberts is the CEO of PATH Partners, a nonprofit organization which helps communities integrate services with housing. PATH Partners includes six housing and service agencies: PATH, Achieve Glendale, Gramercy Housing Group, PATH Ventures, PATH Dallas, and PATH Partners Associates. As a leader in housing and homelessness, Roberts’ is modernizing support services to emphasize strategic outreach, housing, and cross-sector partnerships.

Michealannland Springfield. MA
Single mom, co-founder of Arise for Social Justice, gardener, poet, cat lover, living the only life I have, doing the best I can.

The 13th Juror Orlando, FLA
A poverty lawyer (and, by the way, law professor) comments on social justice issues, news and court decisions … with a few other random thoughts thrown in here and there

Chosen Fast Greensboro, NC
Briefly: Jesus follower. Proud mama. Homeless advocate. Web diva. Pink lover. Hello Kitty fan. Southern chick. Living in the G.

Invisible Homeless Kids Atlanta, GA
I'm tired of homelessness. I've been working in this field for over 22 years.
But I'm not as tired of it as those who are homeless, experiencing dehumanizing conditions that destroy hope. Among those traumatized by homelessness are the invisible kids and families.
So, let's shine a light on homelessness in the backcountry of this wealthy land, showing the families and teens on their own who struggle to survive and thrive.

SLO Homeless San Luis Obispo, CA
This blog is about homelessness - specifically, homelessness in and around the city of San Luis Obispo, near California’s central coast - and are based on my own personal experiences and observations.
Because homelessness is a serious social matter, you will find little or no humor in the posts. I have no hidden agenda - at least none that I am aware of - other than to let you have a glimpse into the day to day struggles of homelessness, from the perspective of one who has been homeless.
I do not represent any "Homeless Support Service" organization or agency. Whatever I write comes from me.

Homeless Family's Blog Jacksonville, FL
The family moved into their home in July 2006. I maintain this blog to promote and advocate for those who still are.

Homeless Girl Blog UK
Homeless Girl is the pseudonym of an anonymous blogger based in England. I am 19 years old and one day hope to not be known as Homeless Girl, but to just be a girl.

The Homeless Guy
I am chronically homeless, having experienced several episodes of homelessness since the age of 21 - spending about half my adult life on the streets. On this blog I write about my experiences, and my opinions and knowledge of homeless life. You can email me at thehomelessguy (At) gmail dot com.

Homeless in Long Beach Long Beach, CA
This blog used to be a website called: gypsywoman. It is my story about living on the streets in Long Beach, California from August 2004 until August 2005 and again in August 2006.
In October 2006, I become homed through a local program called Safe Haven. I graduated from that program in September 2008. Even though I now have my own apartment, paid for via SSI, I anticipate being forced to the streets again when my rent is raised.


Nashville Homeless Power Project Nashville, TN

New Hampshire Under The Bridge Project Manchester, NH

People Project Sacramento, CA

Take Back The Land Miami, FL

Street Ministries

Streetwatch Greensboro, NC


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