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The BBC did a news story[1] about tent cities in Los Angeles which reportedly were politically censored by the national American media and government.[2] The story talked about how the causes of the crises in the U.S. economy has forced many people, who used to own their own homes, to now live in Hoovervilles, now called "Bushvilles".

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Dome Village
from their website "The Dome Village assists men, women, children, singles and families in an unsegregated environment, placing them in a setting that is a microcosm of society helping to teach them to live in the “real world”.

As the proverb from Africa goes… “It takes a village to raise a child.” We at Dome Village add, “It also takes a village to mature an adult.” In other words, Dome Village provides an integrated environment composed of people of all ages and ethnicities. Pets are also allowed. Dome Village has a forgiving attitude, allowing all individuals and encouraging interaction that is conducive to human development into productive and responsible, civil – social behavior."

The Dome Village was CLOSED as of October 31, 2006

After 13 years of operation, Dome Village successfully completed its mission. When the Dome Village first became a reality, the surrounding land was an area of urban blight and decay. Now, in the midst of the Staples’ Center and high-rise lofts and the property value has increased 20 fold and our landlord raised our rent in excess of 700% and we could not afford it.

During the time that Dome Village was in operation hundreds of homeless people - singles and families were given a safe environment where they could thrive and rejoin society. For most of those who were displaced by the closure of Dome Village we were able to get emergency Section 8 vouchers and now most are in permanent housing.

Presently Justiceville/Homeless, USA (JHUSA) continues to meet with representatives from HUD and various entities in the public and private sectors and our proposal for future dome villages and a National Plan to End Homelessness are being discussed.

We thank all the wonderful people who have helped Dome Village over the years and if anyone out there knows of a property where a new village could be established or if you have any other ideas – please let us know. .. email to: gro.egallivemod|pleh#gro.egallivemod|pleh

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