Policy Related Resources

The following is a list of academic and government reports that you might find useful for housing and homelessness related advocacy. Most of these links are direct to .pdf files, but some link to pages describing the reports, and you can link to the reports from there.
(Scroll down for resources related specifically to tent cities)


Homes Not Handcuffs:The Criminalization of Homelessness in U.S. Cities

Criminalizing Poverty: The Criminal Law Power and the Safe Streets Act

"Housing for All: The Social Economy and Homelessness in Victoria"

BC Housing Service Plan

Calgary's 10-Year Plan to End Homelessness

10-year plan: A Place to Call Home (Edmonton)

A Plan, Not a Dream: How to End Homelessness in Ten Years

A New Vision: What is in Community Plans to End Homelessness?

Bill C-304 Secure, Adequate, Accessible and Affordable Housing Act

Homelessness in Canada: Past, Present, Future

Homelessness, Program Responses and an Assessment of Toronto's Streets to Homes Program

Victoria (City) vs. Adams

Victoria (City) v. Adams: Advancing the Right to Shelter

Poverty Reduction

Canadian Council on Social Development-Poverty Reduction Policies and Programs

The Best Place on Earth? Contemporary and Historical Perspectives on Poverty Reduction Policies and Programs in British Columbia

A (proposed) Poverty Reduction Plan for BC

Nova Scotia Poverty Reduction Strategy

Ontario Poverty Reduction Strategy

Poverty Reduction - An Action Plan for Newfoundland and Labrador

Developing a poverty reduction plan-New Brunswick

Quebec National Strategy to Combat Poverty and Social Exclusion

ALL Aboard: Manitoba’s Poverty Reduction Strategy

Social Determinants of Health

A Healthy Productive Canada: A Determinant of Health Approach

A Life Course Approach to the Social Determinants of Health for Aboriginal Peoples

Act Locally: Community-based population health promotion

Building Action on the Social Determinants of Health

UN Presentation to the Subcommittee on Population Health

WHO Commission on Social Determinants of Health - final report

A Discourse Analysis of the Social Determinants of Health

Links to Poverty and Homelessness Related Research Organizations


Canadian Policy Research Networks

Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives

Social Planning and Resource Council BC

Community Social Planning Council of Greater Victoria

Centre for Urban and Community Studies

Wellesley Institute


Caledon Institute of Social Policy

Canadian Social Research

Citizens for Public Justice

Winnipeg Inner-City Research Alliance

Ordinances and bylaws legalizing urban camping/tent cities

Washington Municipal Research and Services Center of Washington

City of Tumwater (Camp Quixote) Municipal Code 18.59 - Homeless Encampments

Auburn, WA

Bothell, WA

Kirkland, WA

Seattle. WA

SeaTac, WA

Shoreline, WA

Olympia, WA

Spokane, WA

Issaquah, WA

Legal Acts Protecting Tent Cities

Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act


Legal Action Taken Against Tent Cities

City of Bothell v. St. Brendan Parish

* City of Bothell v. St. Brendan Parish – Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law on City’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction
* City of Bothell v. St. Brendan Parish – First Amended Complaint for Declaratory and Injunctive Relief
* City of Bothell v. St. Brendan Parish – City’s Motion for Preliminary Injunction
* City of Bothell v. St. Brendan Parish – Preliminary Injunction
* City of Bothell v. St. Brendan Parish – SHARE/WHEEL Response to Motion for Injunction
* City of Bothell v. St. Brendan Parish - Memorandum of St. Brendan Parish Opposing Preliminary Injunction

Citizen Advisory Committees

King County


Central Saanich, B.C., Land Use Bylaw Amendment 1608 (March 2008)

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